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since 1983

VersaCom is privately owned and located in Greenwood, Indiana. We specialize in integrated medical practice management systems. Our products are marketed under the trademark name MedMate.   MedMate products have been developed by our staff. We have always owned the source code for all software modules. MedMate products include various integrated modules for medical records, billing, practice management, appointment scheduling, word processing, health maintenance and others.

VersaCom's staff has extensive hands-on experience in the medical office, as well as physicians and medical office personnel who serve as consultants. This results in a well disciplined system that flows in the same logical sequence as a manual system and is designed specifically for the medical office staff.

VersaCom originated in 1983 in the Indianapolis area for the express purpose of providing computerized management systems to medical offices.

We warehouse spare computers, and sub assemblies as well as component parts for all the systems we have marketed. We repair all equipment in our main office.

VersaCom has programmers, trainers, support staff, service technicians, and installers on staff. In short, one call to our office will provide you with complete service and support. Most of MedMate installations are in or around Indiana. We have systems in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Florida and Texas.

We have a broad customer base throughout the Midwest which includes various types of practices, including general practitioners and specialists, multiple physician clinics, Rural Health Clinics, OB/GYN, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, gastroenternologists, podiatrists, cardiologists, labs, ambulance/transportation providers, medical billing companies, among others. Many of these practices have multiple locations.

We also provide service and support for non-medical customers. We are an authorized Oki Data Service Center and can provide warranty and non-warranty repair on their line of dot matrix and Laser/LED printers.

MedMate Systems by VERSACOM, INC. 800-486-7714

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