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Terminal emulation client installation programs
MedMate Encrypted Support App
Download the MedMate Support Client Application
Windscribe VPN for Windows Client Application
     Download System/CPU & Memory Diagnosic Info App  
Download System/CPU & Memory Diagnosic Info App
  Download the Scanner Calibration Sheets (.PDF)  
    AVG Internet Security (requires license)    
IOBit Spyware & Malware Removal Tools
Advanced SystemCare 1 user Advanced SystemCare 3 users Malware Fighter 1 user Malware Fighter 3 users
    McAfee Business Products (requires license)    
    HitManPro (anti-rootkit) (requires license)    
MySQL/MyODBC Microsoft Windows ODBC Connection Driver (.MSI)
MedMate MySQL Microsoft Windows ODBC Registry Entries (.REG)

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