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VersaCom operates from its 7,000 square foot building located in the Indiana American Office Park in Greenwood, Indiana.
Our MedMate training is hands on, held in a classroom setting. We have two training classrooms, each designed to handle 10 workstations and 20 students, 2 per workstation. For larger classes, the dividing partition can be openned allowing for 20 workstations, 40 students.
Classes are usually either full day (9am-4pm) or half days (9am-12, 1pm-4pm).

Directions and/or maps will be provided to the attendees. All training materials (note pad, pens, pencils, manuals, etc.) will be provided unless otherwise noted for the class.

Our building is designed in quadrants. Each designed to provide easy flow for staff and clients alike. We have general office space, administrative office space, conference rooms, training rooms and warehouse/repair areas.

Looking into classroom 1

MedMate Systems by VERSACOM, INC. 800-486-7714

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